Drone Spraying
Reduce overspray and chemical use with FMS's drone spraying services.
Cheaper, safer and more accurate than traditional spraying methods.
Professional drone spraying services
Less carbon emissions
With batteries running efficient electric motors, carbon emissions are much lower than traditional spray methods. For sensitive crops, there's also no chance of oil or undesired chemical leaks.
More accurate
Each drone spray area is mapped down to centimetre level accuracy. This allows for a much greater degree of spraying precision than traditional methods. We can even target individual plants.
Access difficult terrain
Rocky, steep and wet terrain are no longer an issue, as the drone doesn't make contact with the spray area. You can now use drones to spray areas that used to be impossible to access.
Lower chemical costs
Because the drone can target individual plants, overspray is minimised. The payload is delivered exactly where it needs to be, every time.
Areas where access is limited and difficult are perfect for drone spraying. Reduce the risk to your staff posed by inaccessible terrain and let the drone do the hard work.
Instantaneously change your application rate and nozzle type depending on your situation. We can spray herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, basically anything that's a liquid.
With efficient electric motors, carbon emissions are much lower than traditional spray methods. For sensitive crops, there's no chance of oil or other pollutant spills
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Professional drone spraying services
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Case Study
Wyndham Grasslands
The Wyndham Grasslands are an area west of Melbourne that are being restored to native grassland. Sporadic weed management had left the grasslands overrun by invasive weeds, mainly artichoke thistle and serrated tussock. FMS was engaged to undertake herbicide spot spraying of artichoke thistles over the target area.

Using the latest drone spraying tech and the correct herbicide selection, all artichoke plants were precisely sprayed whilst minimising overspray onto non-target species.
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