Agricultural Spraying
A technology revolution in agricultural landcare while limiting pollutants in our environment.
How We Can Help You
Environmentally Friendly and with less Carbon Emissions
Reduction of herbicides into the environment through targeted accurate spraying using less chemicals and runoff into the waterways. Less emissions than traditional equipment.
Inhospitable Terrain
Able to access areas previously inaccessible or potentially dangerous (gully's, steep hills, creek lines & rocky regions) removing potentially unacceptable risks for staff.
Small - Medium - Large acreage
Perfect for small to large properties through individual drones or 'swarming' multiple drones at once.
Noxious Weeds
Perfect for Blackberry, Gorse and Patersons curse just to name a few.
Mapping Technology
Areas are aerially mapped 'pre and post' spraying as a 'measure of success' and for future seed bank planning.
Here Is Our Plan For You
It's an easy three step process.
Schedule A Call
Fill out the form below or call to discuss with a member Field Master Systems the questions or challenges you face.
Implement The Systems
Once we have determined we can assist you with your problem, we will execute a systemised plan of attack.
Solve Your Problems
With a predetermined 'Measure of Success', we review that your goals were met.
Why Field Master Systems?
Partner with us and we commit to safely implement drone technology to manage your many challenges.
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