Leading the Industry with Innovative and Safe Operations
We bring you the systems, airline professionalism and operational expertise in implementing drone technology.
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Nation Wide Services
Through our tried and tested framework. We can provide you.
Discreet or covert long distance surveillance day or night.
Pest Animal Management Surveys
Regardless of terrain, vegetation density or remoteness, we provide you with population locations and densities of all introduced and native species.
NDVI & Mapping
Aerial mapping of properties, whether its bushfire recovery or crop and vegetation health, we have it covered.
Aerial spraying with drones reaches those inaccessible areas along hillsides, creeks and small paddocks with minimal overspray.
Based in Victoria - Nationwide Assets
Fire Management Emergency Response
Eliminate risk with 'real time/live feed' tracking information of fire fronts during planned burns, rapid response to wildfires and emergency situations.
Fire Management / Emergency Response
Increased situational awareness to field commanders in identifying risks as they develop.

'Real time' delivery of rapidly changing operational information allowing for asset tasking, personnel tracking and emergency response/recovery.

Maintain live visual feeds of planned burns day or night and delivered directly to internal or external stakeholders.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) operating in conditions that would otherwise be hazardous for manned aircraft operations. Thus eliminating operational risks to personnel and providing a safer working environment.
Targeted security or observational surveillance of suspected activities.

Providing support, procedures and policies to effectively use drone technology that is in line with industry regulations.

We bring you the systems, airline professionalism and operational expertise to ensure your operation is secure.
Animal Management Surveys
We can provide population locations and densities when it comes to native and introduced species.
Utilise cutting edge technology in a 'Targeted manner' regardless of terrain, topography, vegetation density or remoteness.

Improves animal control activities through effective use of available resources, thus increasing overal awareness by utilising assets for maximum effect.

Provide a defined 'Measure of Success' by utilising surveillance before, during and after operations.

Perfect in 'Peri-Urban' areas due to a 'low-impact footprint' through cutting edge technology.
NDVI & Mapping
Aerial mapping of properties or NDVI allowing you to:
Ascertain crop and vegetation health through 'Normalised Difference Vegetation Index' surveys, utilising multispectral sensors which recognise areas that are too dry or need improvement.

Bushfire Recovery observation.

Aerial mapping of properties and 'Geotagging' with complete geographical co-ordinates. Including metadata such as latitude and longitude coordinates, altitudes and bearings.
Agricultural Spraying
Allows easy access into difficult to reach or dangerous areas such as hill slopes or steep valleys that UTV's cannot access.

Limited overspray.

Multi-role capabilities including spraying and fertilising.
Field Master Systems
Pilots and Aircraft Engineers - All certified in Risk Management
Johno Davison
Drone Pilot, Chief Exective Officer

Extensive experience in drone operations, human factors and pest management.
David Storen
Drone Pilot, Chief Engineering Officer

Drone pilot and aircraft engineer. Qualified in thermography, crop mapping and pest control.
Michel (Jimmy) Durand
Chief Operating Officer

Operations controller with extensive pest management and surveillance experience.
Allan Findlay
Chief Agricultural & Business analyst

Backed by a 30 year career in agribusiness.
Years of combined Commercial Aviation experience
Hours of combined flight time
Working relationship with the Industry regulator
Years of certified flight time
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Leading the Industry with Innovative and Safe Operations
Michel Durand
Based in Victoria - Nationwide Assets
David Storen
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