Solving bird induced crop decimation through drone technology
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Some crops can be decimated by up to 40% and dropping yields lead directly to a lower profitable farm.
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Following the demise of their careers thanks to COVID19, these veterans of aviation, are now taking their combined 70 years of flying experience, to finally solve you bird problem, FOR GOOD.

1. These innovative, forward-thinking, self-proclaimed drone nerds, can show you how to implement drone technology, safely, readily and effectively.

2. Providing you the training, support, procedures and policies to effectively use drone technology that is in line with industry regulations.

3. We bring you the systems, airline professionalism and operational expertise to ensure your farming operation implements drone technology correctly.
Field Master Systems
Pilots and Aircraft Engineers - All certified in Risk Management
Drone Pilot, Chief Exective Officer
Johno Davison
Extensive experience in drone operations, human factors and pest management.

Drone Pilot, Chief Engineering Officer
David Storen
Drone pilot and aircraft engineer. Qualified in thermography, crop mapping and pest control.
Drone Pilot, Chief Operating Officer
Michel (Jimmy) Durand
Operations controller with extensive pest management experience.

We understand your challenges
With farming in their blood and friends on the land, they have seen first hand the challenges farmers face
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Partner with us and we commit to helping you safely implement drone technology to manage your bird problem .
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